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Why SEO Services are Essential for Painting Contractors

Why SEO Services are Essential for Painting Contractors

Home improvement projects are underway during the pandemic, especially among millennials. Consider that within the last few months, Home Depot shares are up 34.3% and Lowes’ are up 56%. It’s clear that people aren’t hesitant to chip away at home improvement projects during the pandemic. If you work in this industry, now is your time to maximize your profits.

WSI Internet Partners offers affordable marketing services to painting contractors. We can set up a website that includes a contact form where prospects can reach you for free estimates, as well as provide marketing services like SEO, PPC and social media. Because all marketing plans are custom made, it’s easy to stay within your budget. 

SEO: A Budget Strategy for Painting Contractors  

We find that many painting contractors have limited marketing budgets to work with, so we typically recommend search engine optimization as a starting point. SEO improves your visibility online and directs relevant traffic to your site. It does take time to develop good SEO, but once you do, you essentially get “free” traffic. 

Here are some advantages to having an SEO marketing strategy: 

  • Rank higher on search engines for keywords like painter, interior painting, residential painting, commercial painting, etc. 
  • Generate more relevant web traffic on a monthly basis 
  • Build brand awareness through better rankings 

What Should Your SEO Strategy Include? 

WSI Internet Partners can help your business get found on the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Our strategies rely on industry trends in SEO, supportive data and past experiences. This ensures each strategy is effective and led by data-driven decisions not assumptions. 

Below are the elements your SEO strategy should include: 

  • Site code and structure. Your website must be coded so that Google and other search engines can easily find it. This way, it can be indexed properly and shown to relevant users who are searching for your painting services. 
  • Onsite content. Your website also needs high quality, useful content to help rank in the search engines and educate customers. The keywords you’re trying to rank for will also be included in the content. 
  • Offsite factors and reviews. Customer reviews, backlinks from other websites, social media mentions, etc. all count toward offsite factors. These elements help build a positive reputation for your painting business. 

With the right SEO strategy, you don’t have to sit and wait for your phone to ring anymore. Home improvement projects are on the rise and more people are willing to invest in them. Now is the best time to grow your fan base and bottom line! Contact WSI Internet Partners to discuss SEO services for your painting business.

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