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What Marketing Strategies Can Help My Lawn Care Business Grow?

What Marketing Strategies Can Help My Lawn Care Business Grow?

This is the time of year when landscaping companies are at their busiest. Even when summer is over, there is still plenty to do in terms of cleaning up leaves, aerating and overseeding lawns and planting fall bulbs. While these services are very valuable, the market is competitive. To ensure your lawn care business stands out, you must utilize digital marketing. 

Below are some of the best marketing strategies that can help your landscaping business grow. You don’t need to jump into everything at once. When you work with WSI Internet Partners, you can stretch your dollars further and maximize your profits. 

User-Friendly Website 

The first thing you need is a website. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it should provide customers with a quick look at your business, the services you offer, the areas you serve and what makes you different. Adding keywords will help you attract the right people. 

Landscaping Blog 

Google rewards websites that are updated often. The easiest way to keep your site updated with fresh content is through a business blog. Start a landscaping blog that shares the latest industry news, ideas for lawn decorations, DIY tips and more. Again, adding the right keywords into your content will help drive relevant traffic to your blog.

Free Guides and Checklists 

Once a visitor lands on your site, the next thing to do is capture their information. To do this, offer something free and valuable in exchange for their email address such as seasonal landscaping guides, checklists or discounts on services. Once you have their email, you can then nurture leads through the funnel. 

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an excellent strategy for lawn care clients because it’s cost-effective and offers good ROI. Use your email marketing to share news, upcoming events, special offers and more. These emails should only go to people who have provided you with their email address.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Social media is also a great place to be, and Facebook is probably the best one to start with. Most people are on Facebook, especially people in their 30s and up. These are the people who are most likely to own a home and have the money to pay for a landscaping service, so you’ll want to target them. After setting up a Facebook profile, post updates and run a targeted ad campaign.

Reviews and Referrals 

Customer reviews add trustworthiness and credibility to your landscaping company. After providing a service to a customer, ask them to write you a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. Not only will these reviews encourage people to trust in your business, but also they boost off-page SEO. 

WSI Internet Partners can help grow your landscaping business, especially right now when people are spending more time in their homes and are not afraid to invest in them. Contact us today to discuss any one of these marketing strategies and how they can work for your lawn care business.

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