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How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business

Customer reviews are important to your online reputation because they highlight your company’s strengths, increase sales and instill trust in users. But how can you make sure that you’re getting high quality, consistent reviews on a regular basis? The simplest way to get reviews is by asking for them! When customers know you want to hear from them, they’re more likely to leave feedback. 

Below are the best ways to get more reviews from your customers. Make sure that you use these reviews to your advantage – they’ll tell you what people think of your products and services, what areas you excel in and what areas you need to work on. 

Follow Up with Buyers 

One of the best ways to get reviews is by following up with your customers after they’ve purchased your product or service. Give them a few days or weeks so they have a chance to use your product, and then ask for feedback. You’re more likely to get a review when the product is still fresh in their minds. 

Put Your Reviews Front and Center 

Consider placing some of your top reviews directly on your homepage. You can also create a Testimonials page dedicated to posting reviews about your business. Posting a name and picture next to the review will make them even more genuine. When customers see this, they’ll realize that you take your reviews seriously – and they even have the chance to be featured on your website! 

Offer a Reward for Those Who Leave Feedback 

Since you are asking customers for a few minutes of their time, don’t hesitate to reward them. They’ll be more likely to leave you a review. The reward can be anything – an entry into a contest, a 10% off coupon or a free item. And, if the customer ends up using the coupon or item, they’ll also be making another sale. It’s a win-win! 

Create a Google Review Link Shortcut 

A lot of times, customers don’t leave a review because it requires too many steps. Make leaving a review easy by creating a Google review link shortcut. To do this, go to your Google Business Profile, click the Home tab and find the ‘Get your first review’ or ‘Get more reviews’. Click ‘Share review form’ and copy the link to your clipboard. You can then drop this link into a button on your website. 

Include Google Review Opportunities in Surveys 

If you’re launching a survey or poll, see if you can grab a few more minutes of the person’s time by asking for a review. The customer will already be in the proper mindset, and they’ll know that you truly care about what they have to say. 

Ask for Reviews on Social Media 

Social media platforms are great for conversational marketing. Post a screenshot of your best review and ask your customers to leave their own feedback. Remind customers that this is an opportunity to let others know if your product or service is worth it. Don’t forget to use your Google review shortcut link! 

Respond to Reviews 

Make sure that you’re responding to reviews, whether they are positive or negative. Being timely and specific when responding to positive reviews will help you attract more of the same. Negative reviews deserve a little more careful handling. Respond politely, apologize for the negative experience and see if you can take the conversation offline where you can rectify the situation. 

Gathering reviews and feedback should always be a priority. Doing so will increase visibility and sales, and allow you to learn a lot based on what your customers are saying. This is how businesses grow and evolve over time.


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