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How Long Does it Take for SEO to Show Results?

How Long Does it Take for SEO to Show Results?

A common question we hear from clients is, “How long does it take for SEO to work?” 

This is a great question, and unfortunately, there is no simple answer. 

The thing with SEO is that most people look at rankings, and ranking #1 for a keyword depends on many factors. The good news is that if you are spending money on SEO, you should see your traffic go up. 

How quickly should you see results? Typically in about 6-12 months. But remember, good SEO takes time and is a work in progress. 

Below are some of the common traits that websites with good SEO have in common. By following these tips, you can hopefully see more success in less time. 

Keep Content Up to Date

Creating content is important. You need fresh content to rank well on Google and become a trusted source for customers and visitors. However, what many people forget is the importance of keeping existing content up to date. People will typically pick a recent article over one that is five years old. And Google knows this. That’s why fresh content ranks higher in the SERPs. 

As you create new content for your website, make sure that you’re also updating your existing content. You can do this by adding new information, deleting outdated information, updating statistics and incorporating new research or case studies. 

Build a Strong Brand 

We’re not suggesting that you build a brand like Adidas or Starbucks. But, you should be building YOUR brand. To be successful, omni-channel marketing is key. This type of marketing involves leveraging various marketing channels to get your brand noticed, such as social media, email marketing and paid ads. 

By building a brand, people are more likely to trust you, which leads to more organic traffic to your site. Furthermore, the search engines prefer ranking brands because they know they are less likely to spread fake news. 

Share Trending News 

If you’re stuck on ideas for content, tap into the trending news surrounding your industry. Some industries have an easier time tapping into trends based on their product or service, but surely you can find something to leverage. 

Think about the latest updates and changes in your space – they are great conversation starters! Some of the best places to check out include Google Trends, Answer the Public and Exploding Topics

Fast Loading Website 

Lastly, websites that load fast and are easy to use also have an easier time ranking. People don’t like waiting for pages to load, which means sites that load slowly have higher bounce rates. By maintaining a fast, optimized website, more people will use your pages and complete their desired actions, signaling to Google that you have a quality website. 

SEO is a Labor of Love 

SEO is a powerful investment in a website’s long-term success, but it’s not a quick fix. The timeline for seeing significant SEO results varies based on multiple factors. While initial improvements may be observed within a few weeks to months, achieving substantial and enduring results requires patience, consistent effort and a long-term strategic approach. 

To discuss your SEO needs and how to improve your rankings, contact WSI Internet Partners today. 


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