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Creating a Social Media Calendar for 2022

Creating a Social Media Calendar for 2022

Creating a social media calendar for your business is a useful marketing tool that can help you organize your content, communicate announcements in a timely manner and intentionally align your posts with business initiatives and goals. 

Not only that, but taking the extra time to map out your social media content will make you come across as more consistent, and give your followers quality content to look forward to on a regular basis. The task of creating a content calendar is no easy feat, but you will come to find that it is well worth your time! 

Together, let’s cover four of the main factors to consider when creating a social media calendar so that you can start scheduling your posts with confidence!

Mix It Up

Remember that not every post needs to be a sales pitch. In fact, that is a turn off to many followers. Think about including a variety of content that will help your audience connect with your business. 

The following are some types of posts to add to your content calendar: 

  • Relevant news
  • Funny quotes or memes 
  • Weekly motivational posts 
  • Promotions or sales
  • Blog posts that link back to your site
  • Special events or announcements

A Timely Fashion

Keep in mind that the day of the week and the time of day in which you post your content matters. For example, posting promotional content on the weekend may not be the best scheduling tactic because most people are busy planning their weekends. 

Take the time to research the best days and times to publish on social media and then map out your calendar accordingly. Also keep in mind that not every follower is going to see every single post, so don’t shy away from reusing content that has gotten great engagement in the past!

Post on Multiple Platforms

Remember that different social media platforms attract different types of demographics, especially when it comes to age groups. Work towards creating an effective publishing strategy that targets the right audience on the right channel. 

Before you can do this though, you will need to identify your target audience– who is your ideal customer? Try looking into which social channels are most likely to reach your ideal demographic. 

Think Big

Although when creating a content calendar you are scheduling each individual post, you don’t want to forget the big picture: the goals you have for your business as a whole. Don’t waste precious time and resources on content that doesn’t support your brand or help you create a genuine connection with your audience. 

You can also take advantage of your preferred social channel’s built-in analytics and third party analytics tools to make sure you are hitting the mark with your content. Over time these tools will help you measure whether or not the efforts you are putting into your posts are helping you reach your business goals.

Now that you have a more well-rounded idea of how to begin planning your content calendar, begin scheduling those posts! Watch as your page’s views, likes and engagement grows, and continue to look for ways to improve your content based on how your followers respond to your posts.


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